My name is Anjel Lopez and I'm a freelancer who focuses on tours, events, and festivals. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Live & Performing Arts Management and am always seeking new opportunities within the entertainment world.

My interests in the entertainment & arts are broad, but I have been most successful within the live event & music worlds. I am always looking to learn more about other industries and fields that can expand my knowledge about production, entertainment, and branding. My main objective is to curate standout & exciting experiences for others.

I have held various titles throughout my adventures as a freelancer and have proved myself to be a quick learner and extremely adaptable. I thrive in fast-paced environments and am always up for a challenge. I'm most versed in event production, VIP programming, ticketing and credentials, hospitality, artist relations, and project management.

Aside from my work interests, I'm a cat lover, vegan food junkie,  and am happiest when I am traveling the world.  I enjoy being involved with charitable projects and organizations that aid causes such as poverty alleviation, animal rights, suicide prevention, art education, and feminism.

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